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1. What is Sunshine State Kosher Certification?


Sunshine State Kosher (SSK) Certification is a trusted organization that provides kosher certification to food products, ensuring they meet the strict dietary laws and standards of Jewish dietary practices.


2. Is your ice cream certified kosher by Sunshine State Kosher?

Yes, our ice cream is proudly certified kosher by Sunshine State Kosher. We have undergone a rigorous inspection process to meet their high standards and ensure our ice cream adheres to kosher dietary laws.


3. What does it mean for ice cream to be kosher?

For ice cream to be considered kosher, it must adhere to a set of dietary laws outlined in Jewish tradition. This includes using kosher-certified ingredients, following specific preparation guidelines, and avoiding certain forbidden ingredients.


4. How can I recognize kosher-certified ice cream?


Look for the Sunshine State Kosher (SSK) symbol on our ice cream packaging. The SSK symbol is a trusted mark of kosher certification and ensures that our ice cream complies with kosher dietary laws.


5. What are some common kosher symbols I should be aware of?


Apart from the Sunshine State Kosher (SSK) certification, other commonly recognized kosher symbols include OU (Orthodox Union), OK (Kosher Supervision Service), and Kof-K. These symbols indicate that the product has been certified kosher by reputable organizations.


6. Which flavors of ice cream are certified kosher by Sunshine State Kosher?

All of our ice cream flavors are certified kosher by Sunshine State Kosher, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors with confidence.

7. Are there any dairy-free or vegan options that are also kosher-certified?

Yes, we offer a variety of dairy-free and vegan ice cream options that are also certified kosher by Sunshine State Kosher. Look for the SSK symbol on the packaging of these products.

8. Can I trust that the kosher certification is up to date and valid?

Yes, our kosher certification is regularly updated and maintained to ensure it remains valid. Sunshine State Kosher conducts periodic inspections and reviews to ensure continued compliance with kosher dietary laws.


9. Are there any additional dietary restrictions or allergens I should be aware of in your ice cream?

While our ice cream is kosher-certified, it's essential to check the packaging or contact our customer support for specific information on allergens and dietary restrictions, as individual flavors may have unique ingredients.

10. Where can I find your kosher-certified ice cream?

Our kosher-certified ice cream can typically be found at restaurants and supermarkets from West Palm beach to Fort Lauderdale. You can Call us to find out more details.


11. How can I contact Sunshine State Kosher for further inquiries or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our kosher certification or need more information, you can contact Sunshine State Kosher directly through their official website or customer service channels.


12. Is your ice cream suitable for special dietary needs beyond being kosher-certified?

Yes, we offer a range of ice cream options to accommodate various dietary needs, including dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, and more. Please refer to our packaging or website for specific product information and dietary details.

13. Are there any upcoming flavors or products that will also be kosher-certified?

We are continually working to expand our product offerings, and any new flavors or products that meet kosher standards will also be certified by Sunshine State Kosher. Stay tuned for updates on our latest releases.

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